Sharareh and Goran – Langley Backyard Wedding

Langley Backyard Wedding

I met Sharareh and Goran back in May and they asked if I was able to shoot both photos and a highlight video for them. I was a little reluctant as it would require a whole different approach to the day in terms of equipment and managing my time but it all worked out! Here are some photos captured during their day. Highlight video to come!

Jackie and Brian’s Whistler Wedding

I went to High School with Jackie and worked with both of them at Canadian Tire while putting myself through university many years ago. Brian got interested in a red-headed cashier and the rest is history.

We lost touch for awhile but reconnected through facebook and they discovered that I also shoot weddings. They contacted me about travelling to Whistler to photograph their special day and over a few months we prepared and in October it happened!

Enjoy this sample from their big day!


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